Skin Discolouration

Innovative pigmentation treatments uncover brighter and refreshed skin and reduce the appearance of melasma; age spots and freckles in as little as 24 hours. There’s a new solutions for your dark spots. For your most beautiful skin tone, it’s time to banish plaguing hyper-pigmentation conditions like melasma, age spots, freckles and acne scars.

Whether the change is due to the sun’s harsh rays, a hormonal imbalance you’ve just started to notice, or the aftermath of acne scars, a spotty and uneven complexion can be treated with confidence at Timeless Beauty & Laser.

Everyday exposure to the harsh Australian climate can make our skin fragile, potentially leading to an excess in melanin. The excess melanin can lead to lighter spots on darker skin, or deepen dark spots on light skin in the form of age spots, melasma and freckles.

Your skin doesn’t have to be this way; there is no need to be uncomfortable, no need to wear heavy foundation daily and no need to be insecure in your bare skin. You simply do not have to feel hopeless about your skin. At Timeless Beauty & Laser, we have simple treatments that have been timelessly refined to treat your discoloured patches and bring you back the skin you’ll love.

Timeless Beauty & Laser utilises the most modern technology to reduce the look of hyper-pigmentation in the face, leaving you with the perfect results: a clearer, brighter and beaming complexion.


Our clinically proven whitening system will delicately fade the look of discoloured splotches for optimal results combine our whitening treatment with our revitalized boosts in our potent peel treatments. This combination will deeply hydrate and renew your complexion while banishing any discoloured spots from the face.

We use a combination of our proven treatments from our Facial Collection and Peel Collection. We achieve outstanding results in skin brightening; we are introducing our new and entirely safe Skin Whitening expert system, the Perfection range. The Perfection range is crafted with superior quality ingredients including Vitamin C.

Our gentle peels and facial treatments revitalize, while our Gold Standard Whitening System goes to work on discoloured skin with dramatic results you’ll love.

This unique combination of gentle treatments lifts away hyper-pigmentation, and our refreshing discolouration choice, our Whitening System helps reveal your most luminous skin.


Our multitasking laser treatment breaks up pigment, reduces the visibility of dark splotches and delivers a quick boost of radiance that lasts for years. The Quanta System targets skin pigmentation with an intensive laser. We are able to visibly reduce discolouration through a number of treatments exclusively catered to your unique skin condition.

When it comes to age spots and freckles, our Quanta system works with laser pulses to quickly heat the pigmented skin, causing a ‘crust’ to form on the surface. A few days after the treatment, the crust is eroded as lighter skin surfaces from beneath.

In the case of melasma and pigmentation, the Quanta system effectively erases these conditions by shattering the pigment in the skin. Once the pigment is shattered, the lymphatic system naturally flushes out the pigment, leaving discoloured skin tones clear at last.

After undergoing a series of treatments with the Quanta system, discoloured skin can be dramatically improved to reveal a glowing complexion free from spots in just days.

Our passion comes from the joy we see in our clients regaining their confidence and their courage to step out of their comfort zone and embrace themselves.

You deserve to be beautiful,
be confident and most of all, be happy.



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